An Innovative Programme in the Digital Era



Dissemination event was taken as a chance to spread the project mission, activities and coding awards among students and teachers. It was an important moment to make many young aware of the work done as well as to encourage them to join other coding courses programmed by Futuro Digitale. The VET school of Majorana hosted the final dissemination activity (IT Multiplier Event) on the day 30th November/1st December.  The project has been presented in students from  7 different classes. The speakers of the event were:

  • Pina De Martino School Manager
  • Antonio Gallo (Digitale Future)
  • Marco Iusi (Calabria EU Code Week)
  • Fransesco Calimeri (Department IA University of Calabria-Cosenza)
  • Irene De Franco (Associazione Culturale Verde Binario)
  • Marco DIacono and Giussepe Santoro (teenagers)




On Wednesday the 15th of November 2017, our laboratory Net Media Lab, which belongs to N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”, held a Multiplier Event in order to disseminate the Erasmus+ Program “Summer e-Challenge: Acquiring Soft & Digital Skills Through Non-Formal Free-Time Practices”. Thirty-six (36) people attended the event. The speeches and exhibition were held at the Conference Centre of N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”, from 16:30 to 21:00 in the evening.

This multiplier event aimed to present the Intellectual Outputs of the project, and review the Summer Coding and Robotics School  that took place last summer, at “Demokritos”, with the participation of young people aged 14-16. Students of the Summer School, their families, and other stakeholders had the opportunity to learn about the Project and generally about Digital Skills and career orientation.

The Project was presented and the Intellectual Outputs were analyzed extensively. The event started with a presentation of the Program and its goals. After that, teachers of the Summer Program presented the courses and explained the Syllabus and Framework. Finally, developers of the team had the opportunity to talk about the Digital Skills in our lives and present the e-Learning Platform that was used to support the learning activities of the courses.

The last part of the event concerned an Exhibition of the Edison Robots, which were used for the Digital Skills Course of the Summer School. Attendees had the opportunity to get hands on experience with the robots and understand what the students learned during the CODE@YOUTH Courses in Greece.






The “Code and Youth” summer school edition organised in Italy was held through the cooperation of “Majorana” Rossano VET school. It was supported by parents and teachers who were much willing to experiment something new and set up more engaging activities. The coding summer school was piloted on groups of 4 different classes aged between 14 and 16 years. The first week was focused on theoretical learning, while the second was much more focused on practical application of the learned concepts. Plus, different days were dedicated to transversal skills learning testing English language of coding.


“The ‘Summer Coding School’ was organised by CGE Erfurt e.V. (Culture Goes Europe) together with Volkshochschule Erfurt, from 10 July to 22 July 2017 in the premises of Volkshochschule Erfurt, as part of the Erasmus Plus “Code and Youth” project, which is coordinated by the Cyprus Computer Society.

The participants who joined the Summer Coding School were mainly from the city of Erfurt, and they attended both courses of Coding in Visual Basic and Robotics during two intensive weeks. The first week was mainly on basics of Visual Basic 6.0 and they had a competition on making a calculator in the end. During the Summer Coding School students also visited University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Robotics department where they mainly do research Automation of Production chains, so they got information related to computing studies and jobs, ICT companies.

Participants have shown excellent interest during the coding and robotic lessons, as well as the visits organised, and are interested to further continue pursuing this topic in the studies and even pursue this career.”





C2 – Blended mobility of young people

CCS and Emphasys Centre organised the Blended Mobility of young people back to back with the E1.

The aims of C2 were:

  • To offer additional programming and robotics lessons (workshops)
  • To visit universities that offer Computing Studies or other relevant subjects
  • To participate the EU CODE@YOUTH competition among the participants from the other countries. The students had the opportunity to get to know each other, introduce them selves and their countries and share their experience gained through their participation at the Coding and Robotics Summer School.  The student presented activities using the robots in order to prove their current knowledge on codind and robotics.
  • To participate at the international CODE@YOUTH Conference
  •  To give them the opportunities to share their experience and the knowledge gained through their participation in the CODE@YOUTH Summer School.


CCS and Emphasys Centre organised the Short- Training course after the completion of IO1-IO4.

The aims of the C1 were:

  • To introduce the principle of programming to all partners
  • To ensure the acquisition of coding skills of the participants (staff members)
  • To ensure the familiarisation of the Open Badges and the background theoretical framework
  • To analyse the CODE@YOUTH programme to be applied into practice as a non-formal learning activity
  • To finalise the CODE@YOUTH Resource Data bank (career guidance database, good practices)
  • To finalise the Booklet to be used at INFO DAY
  • To focus on the IO4-platform; profile creation, learning material and activities, assessment methods, etc.
  • To train participants (youth workers, volunteers, etc.) who took the role of mentor during the Summer School


Final Conference

On the 11th of November 2017, CCS and Emphasys Centre organised the EU Final Conference of the CODE@YOUTH project.

The main aim of the event was to present to the public the CODE@YOUTH project and deliver the products of the project for further implementation and exploitation. Through the event, the partners presented all the IOs such as the teaching material and the e-learning platform.  In addition, students who have participated in the Coding and Robotics School took the opportunity to share their experience with the public in order to motivate other students get participated in coding and robotics courses.  Moreover, the participants have been awarded with certificates by mr. Andreas Loutsios representing the coordinating organisation CCS.

Finally, an exhibition of the robots was planned by teachers and student. In the exhibition, the CODE@YOUTH material (TOOL KIT which includes the teaching material) was available for collection from organisations (youth centre, learning institutes, etc) which may be interested to replicate the CODE@YOUTH Summer School.






The other ME titled “Open Robotics Day” planned within the EU COMPETITION, on the 10th of November in Nicosia, at Emphasys Centre. During the event, various Robotics workshops for students of all the ages were organised in order to promote the aims of the CODE&YOUTH project such as: Lego Mindstorms, Edison and Lego Boost. The participants had also the opportunity to observe the EU COMPETITION among the participants – teenagers from Cyprus, Italy and Germany.

EU CODE WEEK – leafelt



Educational Conference

“Digital skills for new jobs: prospects and challenges” was the title of the conference that was organized, on Monday 3rd of April, by Emphasys Centre.  The conference was organised as part of the Erasmus+ KA2 Youth Project entitled “CODE@YOUTH – An innovative programme in the digital era”.
During the conference Dr Dimopoulos, Dean, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering of the European University Cyprus​ gave a speech on the topic, while the CODE@YOUTH project was presented by representatives of all 5 partner organisations:
After the end of the conference participants had the opportunity to be informed about the CODE@YOUTH Summer School that will be organized in all 5 countries in June – July for teenagers- 14-16 years old, as well as about the CODE@YOUTH EU Competition and the Mobility of Youth Learners to be organized for the winners of the competition.
The conference was presented on ANTENNA Cyprus and Ant1iwo.


Presentation of the Code@Youth Project and its results to the colleagues, external collaborators and teachers of Net Media Lab

On Monday 6 November 2017, the members of Net Media Lab that participated in the Code@Youth project had the opportunity to present the products and results of the project to other colleagues, external collaborators as well as teachers with which Net Media Lab collaborates.
The speakers focused on the aims of the project, the e-learning platform that was developed in the framework of the project as well as the summer school that was organized and implemented between 26 June and 7 July 2017.
The dissemination event took place at the Lecture Room of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of N.C.S.R. “Demokritos” to an audience of 15 people.