An Innovative Programme in the Digital Era

2nd meeting

April 2017

2nd Meeting

Hosting Organisation: Emphasys Centre (Nicosia, Cyprus)

The second meeting of the CODE@YOUTH project was organised on the 3rd and 4th of Apri in Nicosia, Cyprus. During the meeting essential aspects of the implementation of the project were discussed in depth , such as the validation system through the Open Badges and the development of the LMS. Both the hosting organisation Emphasys Centre and CCS coordinated the constructive discussion between partners and clatified important issues related to the organisation of the Summer Coding School and the CODE&YOUTH Competition.

Emphasys Centre hosted the meeting in its offices and coordinated the discussion in cooperation with Cyprus Computer Society.

The agenda was packed and vivid discussions took place about the connection between the Open Badges validation system and the Online Learning Platform.

The partners fixed deadlines for finalising the tool box needed for the implementation of the CODE@YOUTH Summer School.