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“The ‘Summer Coding School’ was organised by CGE Erfurt e.V. (Culture Goes Europe) together with Volkshochschule Erfurt, from 10 July to 22 July 2017 in the premises of Volkshochschule Erfurt, as part of the Erasmus Plus “Code and Youth” project, which is coordinated by the Cyprus Computer Society.

The participants who joined the Summer Coding School were mainly from the city of Erfurt, and they attended both courses of Coding in Visual Basic and Robotics during two intensive weeks. The first week was mainly on basics of Visual Basic 6.0 and they had a competition on making a calculator in the end. During the Summer Coding School students also visited University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Robotics department where they mainly do research Automation of Production chains, so they got information related to computing studies and jobs, ICT companies.

Participants have shown excellent interest during the coding and robotic lessons, as well as the visits organised, and are interested to further continue pursuing this topic in the studies and even pursue this career.”





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