An Innovative Programme in the Digital Era


CCS and Emphasys Centre organised the Short- Training course after the completion of IO1-IO4.

The aims of the C1 were:

  • To introduce the principle of programming to all partners
  • To ensure the acquisition of coding skills of the participants (staff members)
  • To ensure the familiarisation of the Open Badges and the background theoretical framework
  • To analyse the CODE@YOUTH programme to be applied into practice as a non-formal learning activity
  • To finalise the CODE@YOUTH Resource Data bank (career guidance database, good practices)
  • To finalise the Booklet to be used at INFO DAY
  • To focus on the IO4-platform; profile creation, learning material and activities, assessment methods, etc.
  • To train participants (youth workers, volunteers, etc.) who took the role of mentor during the Summer School


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