An Innovative Programme in the Digital Era

3rd meeting

October 2017

3rd Meeting

Hosting Organisation: CCS (Nicosia, Cyprus)

The Erasmus+ YOUTH project ‘CODE AND YOUTH: An Innovative programme in the digital era’ is reaching a successful end. The final meeting of the project has been hosted at Emphasys Centre between the 9th and the 10th of November. During the meeting, the partners had the opportunity to ensure that all the project objectives have been met.

The first day of the meeting has spent on finalizing the CODE@YOUTH TOOL KIT. Through the TOOL KIT interested organisations will be supported to organize a SUMMER CODING AND ROBOTICS CLUB which will utilize the summer non-school time of young people and promote the acquisition, recognition and validation of digital skills with an emphasis on programming and robotics. The second day was spent on finalizing the exploitation of the project’s outputs/products, as well as on ensuring the sustainability of the results. A strategy for further implementation was discussed and the first steps were initiated through the organization of KA1 Learning Mobility for Young People and Youth Workers.