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Presentation of the Code@Youth Project and its results at the Annual Free Seminar on “ICTs and Special Education” at N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”

On Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October 2017, Net Media Lab of N.C.S.R. “Demokritos” organized its annual free seminar on “ICTs and Special Education” at the Main Auditorium of N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”, attracting over 1000 teachers, educators, psychologists, parents, researchers and students. The seminar took place three time over the course of the weekend.
Dr. Athanasios Drigas, Director of Net Media Lab had the opportunity to present the Code@Youth project and its results such as the e-learning platform and the summer school that took place between 26 June and 7 July 2017 to the audience.

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