An Innovative Programme in the Digital Era






  • Utilize summer time
  • Promote synergies between NGOs, Youth Centres, ICT Providers, instirutions, enterprises etc.
  • Provide opportunities for young people to expand career prospects
  • Develop a new set of learning modules
  • Create on-line communication platform
  • Introduce validation methods 
  • Support youth workers to provide high quality services



The consortium consists of 5 partners from different EU countries covering a wide range of expertise.
CCS Computer Cyprus Society
National Centre for Scientific Research ‘DEMOKRITOS’
Associazione Futuro Digitale
CGE Culture Goes Europe 
Emphasys Centre
All organizations possess the skills and competences required complementing each other, but above all the urge and need to develop a summer code challenging programme for their youngsters.



Our events

  • Presentation of the Results of the Code and Youth project to the highest level -EU CODE WEEK- Declaration to the EU -EU


  • Code and Youth Competition and Manifesto (CY) Presentation and submission of the Code and Youth PACK – Declaration to EU-Petition Ceremony for participants with OPEN BADGES and Code and Youth National Competition – EU CODE WEEK (GR, IT, DE)


  • Presentation of Code and Youth programme to the public: aims, products, expected impact (CY)






Latest news

Code Summer School in Cyprus


Our e-platform is on-line


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